The Story of World Famous Mountain Top and The Banana Daiquiri

Once upon a time back in 1953, a famous British sea captain by the name of Capt. George Soule sailed from his native island of Barbados on a quest to find the ultimate Caribbean cocktail. He searched Guadeloupe for Guava Gimlets, Saba for Sour Sop Sodas and Martinique for Mango Margaritas. His quest ended on the island of St. Thomas in the U.S Virgin Islands at a place called Mountain Top.

The captain had finally discovered the perfect island beverage. Mixing the Virgin Islands’ own Cruzan Rum, sugar cane extract and ripe bananas from a nearby grove, he added fresh lime juice and a homemade secret banana liqueur. Capt. Soule had created the now world famous Banana Daiquiri enjoyed by more than 3 million visitors a year at Mountain Top.

Located on the highest point of St. Thomas, Mountain Top affords visitors stunning panoramic views of Magens Bay, St. John and the British Virgin Islands from its expansive observation deck. One of the first attractions on the island, Mountain Top is best known for its world famous banana daiquiri and wide array of duty-free shopping.

CRUZAN RUM, Made in the Virgin Islands

Since the early 1800’s, the Nelthropp Family (a.k.a. Cruzan Rum Royalty) has called St. Croix home, becoming an integral part of the island’s history. And for the last two hundred years, the island has not only left its mark on them, but also on their rum

The unique spirit of the Virgin Islands echoes in every bottle of Cruzan® Rum – from the Nelthropp family, who have crafted rum on the island of St. Croix for generations, to the warm, tropical breezes that circulate through the open-air warehouses of the distillery. Even the name reflects the people of St. Croix, called Crucians.

At Cruzan, every last drop of our rum is brilliantly crafted to exceptional standards, using natural ingredients and a unique distillation process. Each stage of the process is closely monitored and controlled to ensure that every expression boasts remarkable taste and multi-faceted flavor that shines through in every sip. Our award-winning taste, unlike any other, will awaken your spirit of discovery, and reveal to you a rare level of quality in the world of rum.

Cruzan Rum is proud to be the exclusive Rum sold at World Famous Mountain Top...Two Virgin Islands Classics!

The #1 Duty Free Shopping Destination in the Caribbean

For more than 50 years World Famous Mountain Top has been the #1 tourist attraction in the Virgin Islands! With amazing views from our Observation Deck 1500 ft above Magens Bay, where you can see more than 15 islands and Cays.

High atop St. Peter Mountain sits the Caribbean's largest Duty Free gift shop," bar and observation deck with sweeping views of the British Virgin islands. Among the huge choices you'll find an extensive collection of both fine and costume jewelry, beachwear, hats and footwear for the entire family.

As a bonus, the bar serves up our delicious World-Famous Banana Daiquiri.

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